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12, 2009 · Legolas: is is no mere ranger. He is Aragorn, son of Ara orn. You owe him your allegiance. ere is no direct evidence at Legolas formally knew Aragorn before e fellowship (bo in e book and in e movie), but Aragorn was no stranger to e Kingdom of e Wood Elves, so it stands to reason at ey would at least know of each o er. How did Legolas and Aragorn first meet? Ask Question Asked 4 years, 9 mon s ago. Active 4 years, 9 mon s ago. Viewed 2k times 5. Prior to e Council of Elrond and e proclaiming of Aragorn being e Heir of Isildur, is ere any backstory information on how ey met? Perhaps ey could have run into each o er on a hunting mission, crossed. e Meeting of Aragorn and Legolas. Follow. Focus: Books Lord of e Rings, Since: 04-01-06. Founder: irishanor - Stories: 8 - Followers: 0 - Staff: 2 - id: 30396 A collection of stories regarding e first meeting of Aragorn and Legolas. All stories will have a well oughtout plot, good structure and good gram. No slash. Keeping Hope. 12,  · e movies seem to imply at Aragorn and Legolas were already friends by e time of e Council of Elrond, and met sometime before e events of e story began. If you take e Hobbit movies into consideration, en ere's a strong possibility. Aragorn en delivers Gollum to King randuil of Mirkwood to be held captive. Since Legolas is e son of e Elven King it is probable at ey met en. O erwise when e Fellowship formed in Rivendell. level 2. 3 points. 6 years ago. I ought Legolas knew Aragorn before e meeting at Rivendell. is moment, coupled wi e first glimpse of Legolas arriving in Rivendell in FOTR, is very misleading to any fan unfamiliar wi e timeline or material from e books. Visually, it makes it look like Legolas just arrived off of his horse to find Aragorn, and AT was e reason he ended up in Rivendell at e Council of Elrond. Follow/Fav First Meeting. By: 17seconds. is is my version of Legolas and Aragorn's first meeting. Aragon is arrested by King randuil, and locked in his dungeons. If he wants to avoid execution, he'll have to find a way to escape. e ree Hunters. No rights belong to me. Apr , 2009 · A Little!Aragorn (Estel) story at tells of his first meeting wi Gandalf and how Gilraen and Elrond deal wi some difficult questions. Rating: G: Reviews: Status: Complete: Chapters: 5: Published: 8/4/2003: Under e Stars: Last Updated: 8/3/2003: Faramir and Legolas have a quiet conversaton early one morning in e gardens of Aragorn's. Apr 23,  · Viggo Mortensens last day as Aragorn. - Duration: 3:16. Astaldo evaliant 4,969,423 views. What happened to Gimli and Legolas after e Return of e King? - Duration: 2:33. (looks at Aragorn in disbelief. Frodo looks at Aragorn amazed) Aragorn!.. is Isildur's heir: LEGOLAS: and heir to e rone of Gondor: Frodo continues to try and take in all is information. Aragorn holds his hand up: ARAGORN: Havo dad, Legolas (Sit down, Legolas.) BOROMIR: (turns to Legolas) Gondor has no King. 03,  · Aragorn was born of e late Ara orn II, a descendant of e line of Numenor, and his wife Gilraen in e year T.A. 2931, on e first of ch. Being a direct descendant of Isildur, he is also a descendant of Lord Elrond by way of his twin bro er, Elros Tar-Minyatur, who began e line of e Dunedain. Aragorn was sent to stay wi his ancestor, Elrond, in Rivendell after e dea of his. Aragorn/Legolas (Lord of e Rings) Chapter 4 - Adrian Veidt tries to convince Dan Dreiberg to join his cause. Adrian/Dan (Watchmen) Chapter 5 - BJ wakes Hawkeye up from a night e. BJ/Hawkeye (MASH) Chapter 6 - Fred and George Weasley sometimes need to . 11,  · In e o er corner, we have e elf, Legolas, who joins Aragorn and several o er characters to form a fellowship to defeat evil in e first film. He has e inhuman speed and sight characteristic of his race, and his skill in combat — especially wi a longbow — is peerless. e son of Ara orn II and his wife Gilraen, Aragorn was born on 1 ch, T.A. 2931. [1] rough his ancestor Elendil (whom he closely resembled) [2] Aragorn was a descendant of e first king of Númenor, Elros Tar-Minyatur. e twin bro er of Elrond.. When Aragorn was only two years old, his fa er was killed while pursuing orcs.Aragorn was afterds fostered in Rivendell by Elrond. While some staunchly maintain ey bat for Aragorn, o ers say hell no, Legolas is e hero. To be fair, Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) founded e Reunited Kingdom, and during his reign as its first High King, it becomes e most powerful force in e nor west region of . 30,  · Legolas didn’t have to wait 120 years. He waited for his friend, Aragorn, to depart: we must suppose at ey enjoyed one ano er’s company. While Aragorn remained in Middle-ear, Legolas retained an emotional tie (love in friendship) at bound him to Middle-ear.Once Aragorn died (Merry and Pippin were already eased, and eir bodies later laid beside Aragorn’s in Ra Dínen. e Tale of Aragorn and Arwen is a story wi in e Appendices of J. R. R. Tolkien's e Lord of e Rings. It narrates e love of e mortal Man Aragorn and e immortal Elf-maiden Arwen, telling e story of eir first meeting, eir eventual betro al and riage, and e circumstances of eir dea s. Tolkien called e tale really essential to e story. e son of randuil, and so a prince of e Woodland Realm in e nor east of Mirkwood, Legolas was descended from e Sindar, but counted himself one of e Silvan people. e date of his bir is not known, but he seems to have been several ousand years old at e time of e of e Ring 2.Of his life before e end of e ird Age, we know almost no ing. Aragorn is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium.He is one of e main protagonists of e Lord of e Rings.Aragorn was a Ranger of e Nor, first introduced wi e name Strider and later revealed to be e heir of Isildur, King of Gondor.He was a confidant of Gandalf and part of e quest to destroy e One Ring and defeat e Dark Lord Sauron. Ø Legolas takes Gimli to Erebor, en. Legolas returns to Mirkwood. Over e following century: Ø Legolas founds settlement in I ilien and helps Aragorn rebuild Gondor. Ø Legolas creates beautiful gardens for Faramir. Year F.A. 120 - ch 1 Passing of King Elessar en Legolas built a grey ship in I ilien, and sailed down Anduin. Feb 17,  · Despite being such a popular character today, much of e backstory for Legolas remains a mystery. Even in e original Lord of e Rings trilogy, Tolkien never explicitly stated e age of Legolas.. According to e Lord of e Rings Official Movie Guide by Brian Sibley, Legolas is 2,931 years old, which was a date ided by e screenwriters for e film adaptations. Now Aragorn, Legolas - an Elf, who e people of Rohan only know from stories and my s, most of which don't cast em in a favourable light, having had no contact wi em personally - and Gimli come wandering into e lands of Rohan in pursuit of e two hobbits. ey are, for all purposes, trespassing in . 8, - Explore Nini Sulzen's board Legolas and Aragorn, followed by 132 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Legolas, Aragorn, Legolas and aragorn.21 pins. 06,  · So, is mod adds 4 classes to e game. ese are late game and pretty overpowered classes, ideed I designed em to be story classes, so I just use one character for each (aka Legolas, Aragorn, Gandalf and Terra) First, e Elven Archer, he has . After Aragorn dies, Legolas built a small ship and sailed West, reportedly taking Gimli wi him. Concept and creation. e name Legolas Greenleaf first appeared in e book e Fall of Gondolin, one of e Lost Tales, circa 1917. e character, who guides survivors of e sack of e city to safety, is mentioned only once. e. History Edit Edit. Legolas was first seen in e book at e Council of Elrond, where he came as a messenger from his fa er to discuss e escape of Gollum.During e meeting held by e elf lord Elrond, Legolas volunteered to become one of e members of e Fellowship at set out to destroy e One Ring.. Wi in e Fellowship, Legolas and e df, Gimli, clashed because of e ancient. Prince Legolas of e Woodland Realm, also known as Legolas Greenleaf and Legolas randuilion, is a character featured in Peter Jackson's e Lord of e Rings and e Hobbit. He is portrayed by cast member Orlando Bloom and debuts in e first film of e Lord of e Rings trilogy. Legolas is based on e character of e same name from Tolkien's legendarium. A very contrived take on e Professor!Gimli and Influencer!Legolas AU, in which ey’re still somewhat reluctantly trying to save e planet because Aragorn asked em. One of ose fics, featuring e entire 6 movie cast in one way or ano er. Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Faramir, Boromir, and Eomer (movie versions) confront Captain America (pre-IW) in eoden's rone room. Who wins? Round 1: Everyone has eir standard weapons, Cap has his shield. Round 2: H2H only, no weapons or shield. Legolas is an Elvish Prince who is highly skilledat archery and one of e many heroes in J.R.R. Tolkien's epic el, e Lord of e Rings, and in Peter Jackson's films of e same name respectively. He joins e fellowship in e quest to destroy e One Ring and fought in many battles during e such as Moria, Helm's Deep and e Black Gate. He is e son of King randuil of Mirkwood. 13,  · 5. He's Got Insomnia Like all Elves, Legolas does not need to sleep. According to Tolkien, Elves could even dream while moving about, blending living night and deep dream. When Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are running across e Plains of Rohan pursuing e orcs who captured Merry and Pippin, Legolas never sleeps, and even stands watch while his wiped out Df and . Legolas (pronounced Template:IPA-art) is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, featured in e Lord of e Rings. He is an Elf of e Woodland Realm and one of nine members of e Fellowship of e Ring. Legolas was e son of randuil, King of e Woodland Realm of Nor ern Mirkwood, who appears as e Elvenking in e Hobbit. randuil ruled over e Silvan Elves. Legolas was e first elf in a long time to forsake his beloved wood and meet and travel and battle wi dves and men and he was e first elf to take a df to e Undying Lands. Aragorn/Legolas PG: Rift opens between Middle Ear and e world of fairy tales FIRST MEETINGS Submitted rough GayfictionRevisited Posted 08/24/03 Aragorn/Legolas PG: parody of Leave it to Beaver, LOTR-style FIRST MEETINGS 2: MISHAPS IN FIELD, MIDDLE EAR Submitted rough GayfictionRevisited Posted 08/24/03 Aragorn/Legolas. Aragorn & Legolas Friendship is a popular genre of fanfiction wi in e e Lord of e Rings fandom.. While it is not impossible at Aragorn and Legolas might have met prior to e events depicted in Fellowship of e Ring, Tolkien never suggests directly at such a meeting might have taken place. erefore, au ors writing A/L Friendship stories generally refer to e scene in Peter. Legolas would win. Legolas is e better archer and has more feats for accuracy. Al ough Aragorn is e better h2h fighter Legolas could shoot him early in e fight and en have e advantage. ll) At e Black Gate, e Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Pippin, Merry, and Eomer are first confronted by e Mou of Sauron. (is also induces a goof as his body & horse have disappeared when ey retreat from e gate.) mm) More dialog when . Nesa's POV: We were walking rough a beautiful forest. I was walking behind Aragorn and Boromir was behind me. I wanted to walk wi Legolas ough. I heard Gimli talking to e Hobbits. Stay close, young Hobbits. ey say ere's a great sorceress at dwells in is woods, Elf-witch, of terrible power. All who look upon her, fall under her spell, Gimli ned e Hobbits. e rumor has reached him. e heir of Numenor still lives. Sauron fears you, Aragorn. He fears what you become. And so he will strike hard and fast at e world of Men. He will use his puppet Saruman to destroy Rohan. is coming. Rohan must defend itself, and erein lies our first challenge, for Rohan is weak and ready to fall. Apr 07,  · Legolas gets struck by a deadly Orc arrow, and is brought to Rivendell by his fa er and a group of o er elves from Mirkwood. On e way, randuil is slain and now Legolas - e only heir of King randuil - must now take his fa er's place. Apr 13, - is Pin was discovered by blackfeniks. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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