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23, 2009 · Yahoo Products. Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Society & Culture Holidays Ramadan. 1 ade ago. i've posted hundreds of quran errors, contradictions and logical flaws here. why are muslims so stubborn? i've shown all ese type of errors but muslims will still not admit e quran and Bukhari is full of blunders. 17,  · at ey (e Jews) said (in boast), We killed Christ Jesus e son of y, e Messenger of Allah.- but ey killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to em, and ose who differ erein are full of doubts, wi no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety ey killed him not: Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself. and Allah is Exalted. 12, 20  · It puts people under e law. It doesn't tell people e tru at God provided someone to save us from e law, Jesus, e Son of God. It doesn't tell people at Jesus was more an a prophet, He was e Son of e living God indwelt in a human body, a body at he suffered terribly in and ultimately offered up for our sins. Are ere errors in e Quran? e Quran does have errors. Some of e errors in e Quran are self-contradictions at Naskh tries to bridge. But Quran also has historical and archaeological errors, as well as errors in ma ematics and logic. For example, e Quran states at one night, Allah took Muhammad to al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem: Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al . 28, 2008 · Can you work out ese errors at I have found in e Quran?. Creation: e biblical Genesis account says God created all in six days (see Genesis 1:1 - 2:2). e Quran. 01,  · (carbon dating cant pinpoint e actual date) btw it just ano er proof at Quran didnt change since e beginning. lastly for all muslim please be alert. e signs are everywhere. from mo er nature disaster, mass animal dea, plague to incoming big is already happening. Dating as it is currently practiced in much of e world does not exist among Muslims – where a young man and woman (or boy/girl) are in a one-on-one intimate relationship, spending time toge er alone, getting to know each o er in a very deep way before iding whe er at’s e person ey want to ry. Ra er, in Islam. e following list of Quran errors is to demonstrate at such beliefs are not true. My goal is to help Muslims understand at e Quran has a history of transmission errors, and at ey should not dismiss e Bible because of its textual history. e first complete Arabic Quran in moveable type. 26,  · Quran or o erwise., in any book/manual/pubed paper., we need to have some science to find out SCIENTIFIC errors., When ere is no science in it, e question of finding scientific errors doesn't arise.. at silly book should be considered as alleged religious/political manual written by some middle eastern fellows in 7 /8 century. Feb 14,  · Dating as it is currently practiced in much of e world does not exist among Muslims – where a young man and woman (or boy/girl) are in a one-on-one intimate relationship, spending time toge er alone, getting to know each o er in a very deep way before iding whe er at’s e person ey want to ry. Ra er, in Islam. Mistake: In Surah 5:73, e Quran says e Trinity is false because it is not ree and en it states at ere is only one Allah. e word for god in Arabic is Allah. So it is saying e Trinity is false, because ere are not ree gods, only one God. is is implying at e Trinity is ree gods. Dr. Labib: You mean, in e Quran are ere any mistakes and errors? I will tell you some ing. ere are many errors in e Quran. many, many, many errors in e Quran. And I say at from a ten-feet view point. For instance, when e Quran said at e ear was flat, at was a mistake. Apr 29, 2009 · e next two are contradictory wi in e Quran::sorry1: Quran 22: 47 A day in e sight of e Lord is like a ousand years of your reckoning. Quran-32:5: To Him, on a Day, e space whereof will be a ousands years of your rekoning Quran 70: 4 e angels and e spirit ascend unto him in a day e measure whereof is Fifty ousands years. No Mention of Female Ovum. e Qur'an's au or did not mention e role of e ovum in human reproduction and appears to have no knowledge of it. is verse fails to mention e important role of e female egg, or ovum, plays in e reproduction of humankind. e Quran repeatedly claims to be a clear book (5:15) easy to understand (44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40) explained in detail (6:114), conveyed clearly , (5:16, :15) and wi no doubt in it (2:1). For such a book, if errors and contradictions appear to be obvious, en . It goes to say at if we can find errors, e Quran cannot be e Word of God. Do ey not ponder on e Qur'an? Had it been from o er an Allah, ey would surely have found erein much discrepancy. (Sura 4:82) [82] Maka apakah mereka tidak memperhatikan Al Qur'an? Kalau kiranya Al Qur'an itu bukan dari sisi Allah, tentulah mereka mendapat. ere are many errors in Quran. however, as a non native Arabic speaker, many would claim at I am reading wrong translation . So logical fallacy, if God created Satan, who was angel and didn’t bow down to Adam, en he must have made him not bow down . Provide me your list of errors in e quran! Close. 4. Posted by. u/GreekTurkishInfidel. New User 4 hours ago. Provide me your list of errors in e quran! 53 comments. share. save hide report. (carbon dating) at states at we evolved from an ancestor instead of being created by god? (just to be clear humans didn't evolve from appes but. Islamic apologist, Nadir Ahmad insisted ere were no scientific errors in e Qur'an. So we ided to do a series of videos listing em for him. In is e. 18,  · Some fundamentalist Muslims believe at e current version of e Quran is exactly e same as dictated by Muhammad. is is not true - ere are, for example, coins dating from after Muhammad but before e ird Caliphate at have Quranic texts at differ from e modern version. 07,  · e Koran has made many errors in e surah. A big fish cannot swallow a man whole. Even if it were possible a human could not survive in it's stomach due to e acids it contains. Finally is special fish e Koran mentions also has a life span till judgement day as Jonah would've remained inside is fish till en had he not repented. Does e Qur'an (Koran) contain errors? Devout Muslims teach at e Qur'an, e holy book of Islam, is e inspired word of Allah rough e angel Gabriel to e prophet Muhammad. As such, ey claim ere are no errors in e Qur'an. Two matters should be discussed in is regard. 02,  · Many Muslims claim at e Qur'an is perfect, but is it? ere are many contradictions and errors in e Koran for e book to be perfect and inimitable. Here are some of e verses at. e Muslims repeatedly claim at e Bible has been corrupted and at e Qur'an is e only trustwor y scripture in existence. is is why Muslims often attack e Bible. But is cannot be according to e Quran. e Quran says at e books of . Historical errors are so many in e Qur'an at we cannot cover em all, but we will be content to point out some very obvious examples: e Crucifixion of Christ e Qur'an explicitly denies at Jesus was crucified. It claims at e Jews became so confused at ey crucified somebody else instead who had e likeness of Christ. If e Qur'an is e infallible Word of God, en it stands to reason at it would not contain factual errors of science. By factual errors we mean errors at can be physically examined. We are not talking about contradictions between scientific eories and e Qur'an. We . 31,  · e errors in Quran disqualify e Quran as e word of God, who is perfect and does not make errors. Many of e errors in Quran are self-contradictions at naskh tries to cover up. But e Quran also has archaeological errors, historical errors, errors in logic and even in elementary ma ematics. For example, e Quran claims at one night, Allah. Liebevolles Radio Carbon Dating Errors In e Quran Herz sucht romantischen Mann. Ich suche einen Partner der Treu, romantisch und Humor hat. Er sollte zwischen 38 bis 48 sein. Ich bin 40 Jahre. Ich komme aus dem Landkreis Regensburg, deshalb wäre es schön, wenn er auch aus diesem. Detail response to all so-called grammatical errors in e Quran. Newton responded to e following article on his website and en Khalid 's response to Newton's response. Response by Wail Ibrahim to Newton's Grammatical errors in e Qur'an. bism ILLAHA, wal hamdu LILLAH, was-salaat was-salaam ala rasool ILLAH. amma ba2d. Errors in English Translations of e Quran (From e Introduction of Quran: a Reformist Translation, Brainbow Press) On e following pages, you will find several comparisons between our translation and at of traditional or odox English renditions of e Quran. By e word. e Quran has been criticized bo in e sense of being studied as a text for historical, literary, sociological and eological analysis but also in e sense of being found fault wi by ose who argue it is not divine, not perfect and/or not particularly morally elevated.. In e 1730s e Christian translator, George Sale, published his Peculiarities of e Quran, e ird chapter. anks for your interest in e MakingFriends.com craft newsletter. You'll need to reply to is email to confirm your subscription. As a subscriber, you will receive ree. ere are clear verses in e Quran against e natural results of dating. from e seemingly innocent kiss to e more obvious. God instructs all of us eligible bachelors and bachelorettes to maintain our chastity until riage (5:5, 23:5-7, 24:30-31, 70:29-31). Chastity is defined Quranically in 23:6 as avoiding ual relations. News, email and search are just e beginning. Discover more every day. Find your yodel. 03,  · First of all: Qur'an is not a science book, nor a historical one, every ing in it Not confined to a specific time or, on most, particular people. And obviously it is Not geographical book. Two: It was meant like at: We have made it a Qur'an. e Quran contains errors in ma ematics, and erroneous ma ematics in Quran refute e claimed divine au orship of e Quran (see errors in e Quran).. Surah 4 of e Quran, which contains Allah's ma ematics on dividing inheritance, is rife wi errors. Quran verses about dating - Find single woman in e US wi mutual relations. Looking for sympa y in all e wrong places? Now, try e right place. Find a man in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and looking for you. How to get a good man. It is not easy for women to find a good man, and to be honest it is not easy for a man to find a good woman. Also, had e Quran used deben or ano er genuine Egyptian term, it would have been far more impressive an e fact at it used no ing more an e currency common in e days in which it was written. If e Qur'an had said for a miserable price, equivalent to a few dirhams today or for a miserable price, some pieces of silver wor. Islam, much like Christianity and e Torah, is not immune from contradicting itself. Below is a list of several au oritative verses in e Quran and e hadi at are contradictory. is list, much like my list of bible contradictions, is ever-growing. Quran Contradictions What did Allah use to create man? Does everyone obey Allah? Could Allah. 25,  · e Quran and e New Testament. e Quran doesn't reject Christianity or Judaism, but ra er refers to Christians as people of e book, meaning people who received and believe in e revelations from God's prophets. Verses highlight commonalities between Christians and Muslims but consider Jesus a prophet, not a god, and ns Christians at worshiping Christ as a god is sliding . is is an Android version of e Bible, e Qur'an and Science by Dr. Maurice Bucaille translated from French to English by Alastair D. Pannell and e Au. In his objective study of e texts, Maurice Bucaille clears away many preconceived ideas about e Old Testament, e Gospels and e Qur'an. He tries, in is book, to arate what belongs to Revelation from what is e product. Quran Explorer is e Quran app wi improved and enhanced features & services to give you ease of recitation, learning and memorizing e Quran wi e best user experience. e Quran Explorer App include Quran Recitation, Quran Translations, Quran commentary (Quran Tafsir) including wi search feature & it is ads free. full version contains many reciters, many translations, audio of. e Gospel of Barnabas is a book depicting e life of Jesus, which claims to be by e biblical Barnabas who in is work is one of e twelve apostles.Two manuscripts are known to have existed, bo dated to e late 16 or early 17 centuries, wi one written in Italian and e o er in Spanish, its text surviving only in a partial 18 -century transcript.

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