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Lol stands for lh out loud or lhing out loud. e acronym came about during e 1980s, and by 1993 it had an established use in early forms of electronic communication. Lol has lost some of its edge over e years. When people use it today, hardly anyone expects em to be actually lhing out loud. It’s more likely to indicate a smile or slight amusement. 29,  · e acronym LOL is shor and for lhing out loud or lh out loud. LOL is commonly used in chat rooms and o er text-based conversations to indicate e user found some ing humorous. LOL is also used less commonly to mean lots of love when added to e end of a conversation. Chat LOL abbreviation meaning defined here. What does LOL stand for in Chat? Get e top LOL abbreviation related to Chat. 83 rows · Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat global ming . 04, 2006 · lol = lhing out loud. rofl = rolling on e floor lhin. omg= oh my god. wtf = what e ****. 06,  · LoL is an acronym at refers to e RTS game League of Legends, where players control individual heroes and compete for map control. It was released in ober 2009 by Riot Games. LoL is classified as MOBA game where players act as summoners at control a champion to battle o er players. e goal of e game is to build streng by collecting items and experience in order to . LOL – Lhing Out Loud. LTNS – Long Time No See. L8R – Later. M/F – Male or Female. Msg – Message. MMS – Multimedia message service. M8 – Mate. NE1 – Anyone. NP – No Problem. OIC – Oh I See. OS – Operating system. OMG – Oh my God! PLZ – Please. PPL – People. RIP – Rest in Piece. s2pid – stupid. SD – Sweet Dreams. SEC- second. 04,  · Huge List of 1,559 Text and Chat Abbreviations. While it does seem incredible at ere are ousands of text abbreviations, keep in mind at different chat abbreviations are used by different groups of people.For example, online gamers are likely to use text abbreviations not used by a . 18, 20  · Yup means yes BUT it can be bad and good. e bad being at e person saying it is not interested in talking aymore and good way is just confirming what you're asking. LOL is e same lh out loud but its one of ose ings you put if you dont wanna talk anymore. e meaning of LOL is Lhing Out Loud. ere are some o er variations for LOL and ese are ROFL or Rolling On e Floor Lhing, LULZ, PSML, and so many o ers. ese words are also used to describe lhter and you can use it when you find some ing in a conversation at is extremely funny. 20,  · LoL Slang - Popular League of Legends Terms Learn e difference between Face Check, Gank and Baron Buff. Published e 20, 2 p.m. about League of Legends. by Andrew Zucosky and Saman a Leichtamer. League of Legends, like so many o er games, has its own language at only serves to confuse newcomers. You can’t simply jump in. Acronym for lhing out loud or lots of love. LOL is commonly used in newsgroups, chat rooms, instant messaging, text messaging, SMS, e-mail and o er real time text-based communications. See also Text Messaging Abbreviations in e Quick Reference section of Webopedia for definitions to hundreds of frequently used chat abbreviations - including a few for various degrees of lhter. Lol definition, used as a response to some ing funny or as a follow-up to some ing said only as a joke: You can see from e pics at my dog did not appreciate . F in e chat means to pay your respects. ey are mostly on streams like twitch. e term originated after a feature in e release of Call of Duty asked players to press F on eir keyboard or X on eir controller to pay respects to virtual fallen soldiers. Informality is e soul of chat. Smileys, pictures, videos and chat short words all are common in a chat. You have seen LOL, OMG like chat slang on your Facebook, Google Plus, or any o er chat rooms. What is e meaning of LOL? Apr 25,  · An abbreviation at stands for 'lh out loud' to you, but 'lots of love' for your mom. It's original definition was Lhing out loud (also written occasionally as Lots of Lhs), used as a brief acronym to denote great amusement in chat conversations. Now, it is overused to e point where nobody lhs out loud when ey say it. Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA,random Word(s) in meaning: chat global ming Postal codes: USA: 81657, Canada: T5A 0A7 What does LOL stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 113 meanings. abbreviation for lhing out loud: used, for example on social media and in text messages, when you ink some ing is funny or you intend it as a joke: I put my pants on back to front is morning lol. LOL: [interjection] acronym of lh out loud or lhing out loud. Used in text-based communication to express amusement. LOL! LOL, are you serious? Citation from 25 Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time on Facebook , Miami New Times blogs, Rebecca Salgado, Apr 26 blacked out to resolve Google's penalty against is site. Citation. What does Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture LEL stand for? Hop on to get e meaning of LEL. e Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang LEL means LOL. by Apr 17,  · LOL has several different meanings, but e most common one is Lh Out Loud / Lhing Out Loud . You can find it’s more abbreviations here. e full form of LMAO is Lhing My A** Off . To brush up on your Internet Slang knowledge Missing: chat. 16,  · Subscribe now Does 'LOL' Really Mean 'Lucifer Our Lord'? or Lh Out Loud.. When we lh out loud online, are we really prayin. LOL, or lol, is an internet slang term at means lh (ing) out loud. It is commonly mistaken for lots of love. LOL is often used in messages meaning at is really funny. It also means mute in Persian and is a native Dutch word (not an acronym) which means fun ( lollig means funny). A lolcat using LOL LOL, or lol, is an initialism for lh (ing) out loud and a popular element of Internet slang. It was first used almost exclusively on Usenet, but has since become widespread in o er forms of computer-mediated communication and even face-to-face communication. 1. LOL: Lh(ing) Out Loud 2. LOL: Lots Of Love 3. LOL: League of Legends 4. LOL: Little Old Lady 5. LOL: Lots Of Lhs 6. LOL: Labor of Love 7. LOL: Loads of Love 8. LOL: Land O' Lakes 9. LOL: Lots Of Luck . LOL: Loss of Life (insurance) 11. e correct meaning of LOL is Lhing out loud . Fortunately, easy mix-ups like at one are avoidable. 200 Short forms of words used in WhatsApp and text messages. To save you time and effort, below is a list of abbreviations used in WhatsApp chat. Simply refer to is list anytime you find yourself uncertain. ATM – At e moment. 03,  · LOL refer to any of e following.. Shor and for lhing out loud, LOL is an abbreviation used in online chats or posts to indicate at e writer finds some ing humorous. LOL is also less commonly short for lots of lhter and lhing online and is also often substituted by LAL, LAWL (lhing a whole lot), LOLZ, LUL, and LULZ.. Finally, LAWL is also used as a slang term at. 17,  · Dosto maine es video mai aapko bataya hai ki lol ka meaning kya hota hai chat mai kaafi log use karte hai es word ka use lekin kai baar unhe nahi pata hota kya . Apr ,  · XD has a similar meaning to LOL, or lhing out loud, in Internet slang. To see e face created by e letters XD, one can turn her head anticlockwise. Using a colon next to a capital D or typing X-D during an Internet chat also means e person is lhing crazily. 12,  · LOL stands for lhing out loud. It was originally used in online communication as bo an acronym and Internet slang word. Early instant message and chat room interactions fur er developed LOL into several o er variations, including rolling on e floor lhing (ROFL). As a slang word it has come to mean lhter or an indication at someone inks some ing is funny. ere are League of Legends terms at are used in and outside e game, wi some terms being used to simplify and facilitate rapid communication. is is a list of ese terms and eir definitions. Please contribute to e page by adding more terms and definitions alphabetically. ese terms are mostly used in e English language. 1v1A challenge to a duel.A custom game between two players. Chat definition, to converse in a familiar or informal manner. See more. People were writing ese weird letter combinations in e chat box, and I had no idea what ey meant. I didn't have much experience wi online gaming, so most of e expressions were completely new to me. LOL was probably e first acronym at I was faced wi. It was hugely popular and so common at it was impossible to ignore. 30,  · Chat slang or netspeak is a me od of typing long words and phrases as short one-to-four letter words and is also used by people who have difficulties spelling. For example, instead of typing out are, someone only type r. Al ough chat slang can be easier for you and sometimes faster to type, it makes it difficult to read and cause people to ignore you. 12,  · Friend 2: Lol, you said at last time too is second example is a classic demonstration of how a person might take an oa as a personal vow to change eir actions or behavior. Friend 1 uses ISTG as a promise to quit drinking. 22,  · Meaning of LMAO in Hindi: Hello Friends, Is post me hum aapko LMAO Meaning in Hindi (LMAO ka matlab kya hota hai), ROFL means in hindi, LOL in hindi or FAQ ki full form ke bare me is post me padne wale hai. Aaj ke time me internet par in shabdo ka bhut hi jyada use ho raha hai. Jab hum internet par kuch esi chiz dekhte hai jise dekh ke hame hasi aa jati hai to hum comments ya . Today, XOXO is used so frequently at e XOXO meaning has become more nuanced. We use plenty of variations of and substitutes for XOXO—whe er it's in a written letter, email, text or chat. XOXO: When we're using double Xs and Os, it's like we're covering e o er person in hugs and kisses. Usually XOXO is reserved for a romantic partner. Chat room symbols Here's a list of chat room symbols at are used to express feelings, emotion and add flavor to ose chat room discussions. Now you can be armed wi e latest typing styles and appear to be cool. Text Messaging LOLA abbreviation meaning defined here. What does LOLA stand for in Text Messaging? Get e top LOLA abbreviation related to Text Messaging. 24,  · LMAO means lhing my a** off. It is a common acronym used when some ing is especially funny. e acronym often appears in texts and online chat rooms. e lhing my a** off phrase is similar to many o er hyperbolic sayings where people do some ing so extreme at a part of eir body falls off, whe er it be a head, arm, or leg. 25,  · दोस्तों आपको इस लेख में LOL Meaning in Hindi & LOL Full Form के बारे में जानकारी दी. आशा है यह means in Chat/Whatsapp/Facebook ki जानकारी आपको पसंद आई होगी. इसे सोशल मीडिया में. Hop on to get e meaning of LOL, jk acronym / slang / Abbreviation. e Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture Acronym / Slang LOL, jk means AcronymsAndSlang. e LOL, jk acronym/abbreviation definition. e LOL, jk meaning is Lhing Out Loud, Just Kidding. e definition of LOL, jk by 11,  · Wi more an 1 billion mon ly active users, e Tencent app lets people chat, pay bills, play games, shop, and access government services wi out ever leaving e app. Consider 👋. KEK however is also how World of craft transcribes LOL between opposing factions. If a Horde player writes LOL in chat, an Alliance player will read KEK. In e opposite way LOL transcribes to Bur. Next to KEK we also have e letter W. And is letter is basically a suffix often used for Twitch emotes to convey an exaggerated facial expression. LOL!’ ‘Well, you asked for it lol.’ ‘His mo er is one of my teachers. lol.’ ‘lol i ink ats a gr8 title personally!’ ‘Crisps, chocolate and biscuits are a must in our house lol.’ ‘LOL, is is an email which has been floating around on e 'net for quite awhile.’ ‘Hehehahaha LOL what a riot!’. LMAO is one of e common terms used on Facebook and Twitter, in text messaging, video messaging, speaking. You’ve already seen is slang on e Internet at one time or ano er. Wondered what LMAO meaning?. Knew at might have more an one meaning? In is article, we will know about what LMAO means. e word Lmao is an abbreviation of e sentence at stands for Lhing My Ass . Apr 03,  · I’m an avid user of Facebook and Facebook chat is one of e most commonly chat program for me. Like any o er online chat, abbreviations are very useful to save your time on typing and say ings in shortcuts. People who just joined Facebook or started using Internet might find ese words like alien word, but once you start using em in day-to-day chatting, it will be easier to remember.

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