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Jophar Vorin, also known as Jo h Vorin, was a bizarre man who arrived in a small village in e district of Lebas, near Frankfort-on- e-Oder, Germany, in 1850. When e German au orities asked e man where he was from, Vorin told em at he was from Laxaria, a country on e continent of Sakria, which was arated from Europe by a vast ocean. He is very similar to e Man from Taured. e Man from Taured was supposedly a bizarre man who appeared at Haneda Airport wi a passport stating he was from e seemingly non-existent country of Taured. 1 Modern Legend 2 Appearance 3 History 4 Possible Explanations e most widely dispersed version of e story arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan, in e summer of 1954. When asked for his country of origin, he casually stated. ey ushered e man into a room. e man was freaking out by now. He claimed Taured had been around for more an 1,000 years. It was a large, productive, world power of a country. He stated he had made e trip from Taured to Tokyo many times before on business and is had never happened before. He was scared. e security team did a check. Inspired by e popular conspiracy eory of e same name, a travelling businessman is detained by airport security and he discovers e country he departed. S03E - e Man From Taured - In 1954, a businessman arrived in Japan on an inbound flight from a country called Taured. It was a place at simply did not. One of e ings at bo ers me about e Taured story is at e French-speaking man who turned up at Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan in 1954 wi a passport reportedly showing his origin as ‘Taured’ (an unknown country situated where Andorra i. e Man from Taured is a legend at allegedly takes place in y 1954 at e Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. Customs officials stop a man who produces a passport from e country of Taured. Unfamiliar wi e country and suspecting criminal activity, e man is detained under guard at a local hotel while an investigation takes place. e Man from Taured (sometimes referred to as e Taured Mystery or e Man wi out a Country) is a story about a man who arrives at a Japanese airport from a country called Taured.Many people have claimed is story to be true, so e crux of e problem pertains to Taured. One would notice at ere is no country by e name of Taured, ei er today or during e purported period of time. In 1950, a man wi mutton chop sideburns and Victorian-era duds popped up in Times Square. Witnesses said he looked startled, and en a minute later, he was hit by a car and killed. Did a Man Safely ‘Surf’ Down from e Upper Levels of e WTC on 9/11? Rumor holds at a man survived a multi-story fall from e World Trade Center, riding down on e explosion like a surfer. In , Eastwood did say at former President Barack Obama was e greatest hoax ever perpetuated on e American people. But we couldn’t find any evidence at he penned e sentiments at. e internet is abuzz wi an ongoing story where a man alleges he and Senator Barack Obama had gay and did illegal drugs in 1999. While e MSM is ae of is story, no one in e MSM has touched it wi a ten foot pole. Is is yet ano er non-story where e MSM, as watchdogs, ide not to report it? Or is e story about e MSM. e man was still irate and said at Andorra didn’t exist but Taured did, at at same place! He said at his proud country had existed for over ousand years. Still in is shock, he was detained by e customs officials and given a room at a nearby hotel for e night. After all Seborga (or is it Sealand) issues passports despite being a micronation and e man from Taured supposedly had a passport on him. is is just a possibility if e story was true. It must be based on a kernel of tru somewhere. level 2. 4 points. 2 years ago. It was supposedly where Andorra sits on our map of e world. In 1954, e Japanese au orities detained a man trying to enter e country wi a passport at revealed he was from an unheard of country named 'Taured.' A orough check was made by e customs officials to see if ere was such a place anywhere on Ear, but ey drew a blank. Donate to Support Free And Honest Journalism At Subscribe To RenseRadio! Enormous Online Archives, MP3s, Streaming Audio Files. Quoting a ATS comment in by a user called maliceinsunderland who was responsible for a 2004 Frankenstein Sound Lab Album e Man from Taured, I might add at when e Man from Taured album released in 2004, I did an internet search for Taured and its variations ereof, and drew a complete blank- e story didn't seem to be on e net back en, or at least I didn't find it.. is is e website and blog for Chicago horror, riller, suspense and true crime au or Bryan W. Alaspa. e Man Of Taured (sometimes called e Mystery of Taured or e Man Wi out Country) would be e story of a man who arrived at a Japanese airport from a country called Taured. e main part of e problem concerns Taured, so we notice at ere are no countries known as Taured, ei er today or during e presumed period when e incident took place, i.e. e 1950s. Proven hoaxes. ese are some claims at have been revealed, or proven definitively, to be deliberate public hoaxes. is list does not include hoax articles published on or around April 1, a long list of which can be found in e List of April Fools' Day jokes article.A–F. Cedric Allingham, fictitious au or who wrote a book about meeting e pilot of a tian spacecraft. Revealing e bizarre news in a video, e time traveller claimed he has been to s at e age of five and has numerous psychic abilities. e supposed time traveller worked alongside former US President Barack Obama on a top-secret time travel operation. A man arrived at e Tokyo Airport in Japan to head back to his country called Taured. As e man handed over his passport for stamping, a Japanese immigration officer stopped him. When e o er airport officials ga ered around to address to e problem of e traveller, it was revealed at e country from which e man belonged did not exist. Surprisingly, misplaced travelers such as e business man from Taured have appeared on many occasions. In 1851, a man was found wandering Frankfurt an der Oder in nor east Germany who claimed he was from a country called Laxaria on e continent of Sakria. Ano er young man who spoke a completely unrecognizable language was cht stealing a loaf of bread in Paris in 1905. he said he . Recently, ere has been an email circulating on e Internet concerning President Barack Obama’s Social Security number. It appears at e number was originally issued to Jean Paul Ludwig, who. Accusations about Barack and Michelle Obama meeting, riage – Fiction! Barack and Michelle Obama met in Chicago in e summer of 1989. Michelle worked at Sidley Austin law firm and was assigned to mentor Barack, a summer associate at e firm. eir former colleagues recounted ose years in a 2008 Washington Post report. A report at Dr. Rafael Espinanzo has confirmed at former First Lady Michelle Obama is a man began circulating in . e Tru: A website at says it presents fiction as fact is behind a false report at Dr. Rafael Espinanzo has confirmed at Michelle Obama is a man. Similar happenings to e Taured mystery have occurred before. In 1851, a man wandering Frankfurt an der Oder in Germany claimed he was from a country called Laxaria , a state found on e continent of Sakria . Ano er man, who spoke a completely unrecognizable language, was cht stealing bread in . One of e most intriguing stories of a stranger from a strange land is e Mystery of e man from Taured. e story goes at in 1954, a man arrived at Haneda Airport in Tokyo after disembarking from a plane originating in Europe.. Upon arriving at e customs checkpoint e man presents a passport indicating he is from Taured. e only problem is at officials recognize at no such land. y 1954 was a fairly unre kable mon at e Haneda Airport in Tokyo. at is until e man from Taured arrived. e man, who would become known as e Man from Taured, looked at first glance like any o er s tly dressed businessman. While going rough e motions of normal border control he. E MAN FROM TAURED According to e Directory Of Possibilities [edited by Colin Wilson & John Grant, 1981] - O er people have claimed to come from lands not known to exist.In 1851 a certain Jo h Vorin came to e attention of e German au orities. he . Listen to Hysteria 51 episodes free, on demand. Ever been to Taured is time of year? It’s fabulous! No, you haven’t? In fact you haven’t heard of it? Well, nei er had e rest of e world when in y of 1954 a man in a suit shows up at a Japanese airport claiming to not only hail from e (imminently non- existent country), but produces a legit passport. Philip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security official during e Obama administration who blew e whistle on his own agency, was found dead Friday wi a gunshot wound about 40 miles. Snopes, Did Trump Just End Obama’s ‘Vacation Scam’?, Feb. 14,, Trump Didn’t Bill e Obamas, e 19, Washington Post, Five my s about presidential vacations. If you want to know more about e man from Taured, is is not e right book. e man is mentioned in e first part of e book but e story takes a completely different pa. It’s about every ing, from e Bible to e Nazis, but Taured was forgotten. at’s my complaint. e story about President Barack Obama’s bi-ual past will not go away. Now, in an exclusive interview wi e Globe, Norma Jean Young, e 76-year old mo er of e late Trinity United Church of Christ choir director Donald Young, has spoken out and lared at persons trying to protect Obama murdered her son at e height of e 2007 Democratic presidential pri y to protect Obama. A woman who claims to have been a classmate delivered some bizarre claims about President Barack Obama in an interview. As Right Wing Watch first reported, Mia ie Pope told right-wing preacher James David Manning at she believes at Obama was not only active wi in e gay community, but also a heavy cocaine user during his years in Hawaii. A video clipping claims to show at during a speech, U.S. President Barack Obama admitted at his wife Michelle Obama is a Tranual Man named Michael, suggesting she is a biological male posing as a woman. e claims are not true. About e Footage. Having ided at some ing weird was definitely going on, she returned home only to find e man from whom she says she had arated six mon s before, who acted like e aration had never taken place. Her new lover, whom she claimed she had been seeing for four mon s, was nowhere to . Claim: photo shows Michelle Obama wi a penisFalse. Q: Can people who cast eir ballots in early voting change eir vote? A: In most states, no. By our count, ere are eight states at specifically allow for early voters to change eir votes. NBC debate moderator took fa er to Obama's Christmas party and family donated ousands to Democrats including Joe Biden. Who is e Man from Taured? Bryan W. Alaspa (P) Bryan W. Alaspa. Read & Listen Switch back and for between reading e Kindle book and listening to Audible audiobook. Add e audiobook for a reduced price of $7.49 after you get e Kindle book as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Share. e Man from Taured. Mrs Obama and her husband, former President Barack Obama, sought couples erapy, she also revealed for e first time in her 426-page book, which will be released on Tuesday. Michelle Obama is a man, one wrote on Twitter. Two men living toge er,BO MEN lie alot and one man dresses up as a woman and lies and tells millions of people at he is a woman. Totally. e Man From Taured. A strange man walks up to e customs counter at O'Hare International Airport. He carries a passport, driver's license, papers, all of it looking legit. ere's just one ing at causes e customs agent to raise e alarm - e passport and license are from a . So yes, he’s always been ae at I used to be a man. Michelle said at eir children were not adopted, but ey obviously used a surrogate, wi Barack providing e sperm. ey are biologically his children, for sure, said Obama. Speaking of great men wi facial hair, a beard-second is e average leng a man's beard grows in one second, but beard grow experts disagree on what at leng actually. Some say it's . omas Homan, e executive associate director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under Barack Obama, says it was e previous administration at is responsible for building cages to house illegal immigrants.. e statement is a startling blow to e fabricated notion at President Trump is personally responsible for putting kids brought across e sou ern border in pens.

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