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Mass Spectrometry Virtual Users Meeting. In is unprecedented year, we not be able to host our annual in-person Users’ Meetings across Europe and Americas, but we've developed an exciting virtual platform for you to learn about e latest research and in ations in mass spectrometry. Leading scientists in academia and industrial research applications will share how precision mass spectrometry . Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry Nor America Mass Spec Users’ Meeting Cambridge, MA ober 8, • Boston riott Cambridge 9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions Rich Klein, ermo Fisher Scientific 9: AM Plenary 1: e New Pace of In ation: Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry Andreas Huhmer, Ph.D., ermo Fisher Scientific. Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry Nor America Mass Spec Users’ Meeting New York, NY ober 11, • Convene, 27 Floor 9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions Rich Klein, ermo Fisher Scientific 9: AM Plenary 1: e New Pace of In ation: Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry Andreas Huhmer, Ph.D., ermo Fisher Scientific. Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry. Nor America. Mass Spec Users’ Meeting. Montreal, QC. ober 24, • AC Hotel by riott Montreal Downtown. 9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions. 9: AM e New Pace of In ation: Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry. Lisa omas, ermo Fisher Scientific. 9:40 AM LC-MS/MS Proteomics and Machine Learning for e Fast Identification . Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry Nor America Mass Spec Users’ Meeting Somerset, NJ ober , • e Palace at Somerset Park 9:00 AM Welcome and Introductions Rich Klein, ermo Fisher Scientific 9: AM Plenary 1: e New Pace of In ation: Intelligence-driven Mass Spectrometry Andreas Huhmer, Ph.D., ermo Fisher Scientific. ermo Fisher Scientific Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Users Meeting Rich Klein NE Sales Manager. ober . 12 - Somerset,NJ 14 - Boston, MA. 26,  · e new standard in productivity e proven ermo Scientific Orbitrap technology in e ermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 120 mass spectrometer accelerates your route to qualitative and quantitative confidence for bo me od development and everyday testing purposes. Lumos Tribrid mass spectrometer and e ermo Scientific TSQ AltisTM triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. e second, wi a 0.58 mm circular orifice, draws approximately 1.5 L/min and corresponds to gas flows used on e ermo Scientific TSQ Endura TMtriple quadrupole mass spectrometer, e ermo Scientific TSQ Quantis triple. ermo Scientific high resolution mass spectrometry systems take discovery and sample analysis to new heights. We offer easy, high- roughput, quantitative workflows for proteins, drug metabolites, pesticides and many o er applications. Whe er you’re detecting disease bio kers or performing forensic analysis on drugs of abuse, our mass spectrometers give you e resolution, accuracy, sensitivity, and roughput at you need to advance your science. ermo Scientific Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) Reagents are one technology which enables concurrent identification and multiplexed quantitation of different samples using tandem mass spectrometry. Recently, we have extended e multiplexing capabilities of TMT Reagents from 6 to wi out an increase. 27,  · A lab hack is defined as a trick, shortcut, skill, or me od at improves lab productivity and efficiency. New dates to be announced: Join us in one of 14 cities across Nor America to learn new ways to streamline your analytical workflows.Bring your favorite lab hacks to share wi o er attendees and questions or issues you would like us to address during e roundtable sessions. 04,  · e implementation of e ermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer and ermo Scientific Vanquish Duo UHPLC System wi in BATL's state-of- e-art training facility will offer e accuracy, precision and reliability required to analyze e complex molecules defining e medicines of e future. 27,  · e new ermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer expands e proven Orbitrap Exploris platform and is designed to give scientists working in proteomics, metabolomics, biopharmaceutical characterization and small-molecules, e analytical performance required for research and high- roughput analyses. e new system will advance discovery and . Samples collected at baseline or at e time of manifestation of ar ritis were analysed by tandem mass spectrometry (nLC-MS2) using Q-OT-qIT mass spectrometer (ermo Scientific TM) followed by MaxQuant softe quantification and normalization. Data were analysed using Mann Whitney or Wilcoxon pairs tests and presented as median. ermo Scientific. Mass Spectrometry User Meeting. Start. End: 8.m. 9.m. Continental Breakfast and Name Badge Pick-up: ermo Fisher Scientific 1:15 p.m. 1:30 p.m. Lunch Talk – Technology Refresh and Exactive Plus Introductory Programs: Mike Bartlett – ermo Fisher Scientific 1:30 p.m. 2 p.m. MSIA Workflows for Discovery. e samples were en subjected to targeted metabolomics data acquisition using a ermo scientific Q Exactive plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer Plus wi a Vanquish UPLC at our metabolomics facility. Results. e mean age in is cohort was 61 years, wi 6 patients each being male and Caucasian. Users' Meeting 8.m. - 12:15 p.m. Westin Bayshore Hotel Bayshore Grand Ballroom 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver Connect wi us at e ermo Scientific Users' Meeting to see how our collaborators are applying in ative ermo Scientific mass spectrometry solutions to solve some of eir toughest analytical challenges. e Orbitrap Fusion mass spectrometer 48 and Orbitrap Fusion Lumos mass spectrometer 49 became e first Tribrid instruments (ermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA) enabling parallel and highly coordinated operation of ree different mass analyzers in one integrated device (Figure 11). In addition, multiple fragmentation me ods. Lastly, new ermo Scientific Xcalibur 4.4 softe brings e AcquireX intelligent data acquisition workflow to ermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris mass spectrometry platform users, enabling e. Stanford Mass Spectrometry Users' Meeting Lunchtime Seminar Abstracts. Lunchtime Seminars. Mass spectrometry (MS) has become an indispensable technology for e analysis of compounds of biological interest. Whe er you seek to characterize a erapeutic protein. identify e proteins at make up a specific proteome. characterize post. ermo Scientific Life Science Mass Spectrometry Users’ Meeting Agenda Tmher fio s ghshc. Rei t r eRAnFi St i eevl s. i r FL64196-EN 14S Proteomics and Biopharma Characterization Metabolism, Quantitation and Translational Medicine Vendor Fair 11.m. 11:30.m. ermo Scientific Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid MS. was achieved on a ermo Scientific TraceGOLDTG-WAXMS B capillary column, 30 m × 0.25 mm × 0.5 μm(P/N26086-2230). According to e FDA agency, high temperatures can cause e sample to generate NDMA, resulting in false positive results, erefore e incubation temperature must be limited to 120°Cwhen headspace sampling is used for. In 2005, Dr. Bomgarden joined Pierce Biotechnology, now part of ermo Fisher Scientific, where he has led e development of over a 0 new products including Tandem Mass Tag reagents for relative quantitation of proteomic samples, protein digest standards for LC-MS quality control, MS-cleavable crosslinkers for protein structure analysis Start Date: 13, . ermo Scientific Pierce Products for Mass Spectrometry Sample Preparation Introduction 1-5 Introduction 1 Sample Lysis and Protein Extraction 6-11 Introduction 6 Mass Spec Sample Prep Kit for Cultured Cells 7 Protease and Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails 9 and Tablets Abundant Protein Depletion 12-15 Introduction 12 Albumin Depletion Kit 13. 27,  · Here, we present an evaluation of e performance of ermo Scientific hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap MS instruments, namely e ermo Scientific Q Exactive Plus mass spectrometer and e. 14,  · e softe package for e ermo Scientific Delta Ray (ermo Fisher Scientific) isotope ratio infrared spectrometry (IRIS) system includes absolute isotopes ratios for R(13 C/ 12 C) VPDB (Table 1). 7 Interestingly for R(18 O/ 16 O) VPDB‐CO2, 12 e values in e IRIS system are different from ose in e Isodat softe package used by. Symposium for users of Stanford mass spectrometry resources as well as ose interested in finding out more about applications of e technology. e Mass Spec Users’ Meeting is an annual opportunity for Stanford and community scientists to meet, mingle, and learn about ongoing mass spec related research at Stanford. ermo Fisher Scientific. Softe by ermo Fisher Scientific used wi mass spectrometry instruments. XCMS Online (Cloud-Based) proprietary: Freely available and e most widely used metabolomic and lipidomic data processing platform wi over 21,000 users as of . We will discuss e initial findings of a technique based on Fourier transform mass spectrometry, using e ermo Scientific Q Exactive GC — an instrument at contains an Orbitrap mass analyzer. Fourier transform mass spectrometry is ked by exceptionally high mass resolutions (e Orbitrap reaches M/∆M in e range 250,000-1M in e. User Group Meetings allow attendees e opportunity to interact closely wi vendors to get a better understanding of e Vendors' solutions. Speakers will describe e applications & advantages of ermo Scientific MSIA (Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay) workflows. National Research Resource for Imaging Mass Spectrometry,Vanderbilt. 28,  · Mass Spectrometry. Protein solutions were prepared at µM in 49.5:49.5:1 (v/v/v) water:acetonitrile:formic acid, and were analyzed by direct infusion at a flow rate of 3 µL/min. Spectra for all dissociation me ods were acquired using a mass range of 200–2000 m/z and resolving power of 240,000 at m/z 400. e AGC target for MS2 was set to one million, and isolation wid s of 8 m/z and . Feb 05,  · 2.5. Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry. Samples were analyzed using an Agilent 1200 HPLC (Agilent Technologies, Inc., Wilmington, DE, USA) coupled to a ermo VelosPro ion trap mass spectrometer (ermo Scientific, Wal am, MA, USA). Samples were analyzed in . 23, 2001 · ermo Electron Corporation (NYSE: TMO) announced at it has launched under e ermo Elemental brand name two groundbreaking products - e X Series inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) and e SOLAAR S Series atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer - setting a new standard for elemental analysis in quality control/quality assurance applications. To improve e analysis roughput and to eliminate e need for chemical derivatization, an in ative 96‐well SPE followed by ion chromatography‐mass spectrometry was developed. Analyses are conducted on an ICS‐6000 HPIC system coupled to a TSQ Altis (ermo Scientific). Apr 17,  · • Quantitative analysis of IGF1R/AKT/mTOR pa way using multiplex immunoprecipitation and targeted mass spectrometry. Section 20, poster board 16, abstract 3884. Presented by Bhavin Patel, Ph.D., scientist III, ermo Fisher Scientific from 1-5 p.m. Wednesday, April 20, . 04,  · e implementation of e ermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer and ermo Scientific Vanquish Duo UHPLC System . e ermo Scientific HELIX-platform Split Flight Tube (HELIX-SFT) noble gas mass spectrometer is specifically designed for simultaneous collection of helium isotopes. e high mass spur houses a switchable 11 - 12 Ω resistor Faraday cup and e low mass spur a digital pulse-counting secondary electron multiplier (SEM). Abstract Purpose: Demonstrate an effective workflow for natural product metabolites discovery and identification, and its application in profiling and elucidation of asarinin metabolites. Me ods: Biological samples were profiled by using UHPLC coupled wi a ermo Scientific quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer. 31,  · e ermo Scientific TSQ Fortis Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer along wi ermo Fisher Scientific’s liquid chromatography instruments is designed for applications at demand an optimal blend of speed, robustness, and class-leading sensitivity for quantitation of compounds in biological matrices by users wi varying levels of expertise. e mass spectrometer was operated in a data-dependent mode, switching automatically between one full-scan and subsequent MS/MS scans of e 15 most abundant peaks (Top15 me od) selected wi an isolation window o . Full scan MS spectra were acquired in a mass range from m/z 300–2000 at a target value of 1 × 6 charges wi e. 01,  · Xcalibur 4.0 softe (ermo Scientific) was used for MS and MS2 data reviewing and processing. Mass Frontier 7.0 softe (ermo Scientific) was fur er employed to check e diagnostic ions obtained in MS and MS2 spectra in non-target data-independent mode for e identification study of NIAS. 2.5. GC–Q-Orbitrap-MS analysis. 03,  · ermo Fisher Scientific have introduced a new compact, benchtop mass spectrometer, e ermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer at provides enhanced quantitative performance across label-free and tandem mass tag (TMT) experiments, as well as access to new ermo Scientific SureQuant me ods for ultra-sensitive targeted protein assays. ermo Scientific Xcalibur Library Browser User Guide v P Preface e ermo Xcalibur mass spectrometry data system includes all e softe needed to create, search, and edit libraries. is guide describes e following: • How to create and edit custom libraries for MS, MS/MS, or MSn spectra • How to manage multiple libraries. 21,  · VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BUSINESS WIRE) ASMS –- ermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (NYSE:TMO), e world leader in serving science, today launched in ative softe and instrumentation at extend e capabilities of its flagship mass spectrometry portfolio. e new ermo Scientific technologies made eir debut at e ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied . Laboratories worldwide are under increasing pressure to answer complex analytical questions, while still meeting evolving regulatory, business and scientific goals, said Evett Kruka, vice president and general manager, life sciences mass spectrometry, chromatography and mass spectrometry, ermo Fisher. Individual SCX fractions were analyzed by microflow reversed phase LC-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (LC-ESI/MS/MS) using a high resolution LTQ Orbitrap-XL instrument (ermo Scientific, San Jose, CA) operating at a resolution of 0,000 at m/z 400. Feb 17, 2006 · e Company of e Year ad credits ermo wi successfully meeting e evolving demands of e life science industry rough its strategic investments in services and lab equipment, e expansion of its mass spectrometry portfolio and refined strategy targeted at emerging kets. At a time when many instrument companies are adjusting. e mass spectrometer was calibrated before each analysis using a calibration solution provided by e manufacturer (external calibration). e UHPLC chromatographic aration was performed on a Hypersil GOLD C18 1.9 μm, 2.1 × 150 mm 2 column (ermo Fisher Scientific) equipped wi an online prefilter (Interchim, Montluçon, France).

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